Inform, engage, and delight them.

They will come back for more.

Your copy is your voice.

With over 30 years of experience writing for various mediums, I help you speak well.

Copy that Delights

Skylabs Audio sells vintage stereo systems, turntables, vinyl records, and equipment for vintage stereo equipment as well as branded gear. I created a blog called the Hi-Fi Fanatic where fans of vintage stereo equipment can share photos of their vintage stereo systems driving visitors to Skylab’s website.

For Skylabs’ online store, I made the product descriptions fun. You can get a hoodie just about anywhere. But only at Skylabs Audio can you get a hoodie with the Legendary Marantz 2270 imprinted on it!

Copy that Informs

I enjoy researching topics that inform your clients.

On this page for the City of Brookfield, Missouri, I researched the hunting and fishing opportunities in North Central Missouri. The copy I wrote not only informs site visitors that Brookfield, Missouri is a great place for sportsmen and women to enjoy the outdoors, I listed links to public hunting, fishing, and trapping areas, links to state hunting and fishing regulations, and a link to local lodging information.

Copy that Engages

Engaging copy grabs the reader emotionally and makes them relate to you.

Horse owners understand when I write about a 2-year-old horse being a teenager in human years and sometimes having an attitude.

Engaging copy elicits an emotional response that leads to action – in this case a call to RQ Horsemanship for horse training.


Does your marketing copy need some life?

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