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A sage is someone who has wisdom and experience to share with others.

Sage Content Marketing is the culmination of my experience in the marketing departments of a Big Ten university press and a medical malpractice insurance company and my two decades of freelance work as a writer, photographer, and graphic designer. 

As the owner of a small business, I understand the challenges a small business faces in this global internet-driven marketplace. 

My husband and I live in rural Iowa. We have small herd of cattle, enjoy fresh eggs from our Salmon Favoralle hens, and in the late summer months I set up a 3-burner camp stove on the covered deck to can the produce from our large gardens and orchard.

Rural and small town living is our heritage. We love the people and the connection to the land. One of our favorite places to vacation is the Sandhills of Nebraska.

Don’t let this photo fool you.

I’m usually wearing my hair ponied up in a ballcap and have dirt or manure on me somewhere.

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This website is also designed and built entirely by Sage Content Marketing on WordPress using Elementor Pro and the Hello theme.

Websites Created by Sage Content Marketing

Michelle wanted a clean, simple website reflecting progressive thinking while respecting her clients’ traditional living in small and rural communities.

She also wanted assistance clarifying her thoughts and services in the copy of the website. I also designed the logo for her company.

Bill wanted a simple website with neutral, masculine colors and lots of photos of the horses he trains and the people he teaches to ride.

We use video extensively to demonstrate his style of horse training and show what he teaches at his riding lessons and clinics on social media. He gets a lot of business through his Facebook page.

The good search engine optimization of his website ensures that RQ Horsemanship shows up when people search keywords and phrases such as “horse trainers near me” or “riding lessons in the Des Moines area.”

Integrity Freight & Logistics needed a site that is primarily used by carriers. We added a printable carrier packet to the site to simplify the process of carrying with Integrity Freight. We also added a link to Bulkloads’ website where carriers can find loads to haul.

We wanted the site to also reflect Integrity Freight’s commitment to excellence and their willingness to be an advocate for their drivers and customers and to show that the company is run by genuine people committed to providing outstanding service.

MaskLany offers a specially-made lanyard for face masks that can also be custom branded as a promotional product.

We want to show all the various ways using a MaskLany can make life with a face mask easier and more sanitary.

A button links to a Shopify account where customers can purchase a MaskLany right from the website. We included a form connected to an email address where people can inquire about custom-designed MaskLanys. The site is designed to be bright and upbeat. I helped with editing the copy for the site and took some of the photos as well.

I teamed up with Tina Smith Graphics to redesign the website for the City of Brookfield, Missouri. This website contains 83 pages of information all about the city government of Brookfield, the town, and the surrounding area. 

We created a light, bright, colorful website with easy-to-navigate drop-down menus. Ease of use was foremost the design for this site.

I wrote the copy for the website and helped with creating some of the pages and directories using the Tablepress, a plugin used to create tables in pages and posts in WordPress sites.

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Sage Content Marketing 



Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved 

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