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About Me

A sage is someone who has wisdom and experience to share with others.

Sage Content Marketing is the culmination of my experience in the marketing departments of a Big Ten university press and a medical malpractice insurance company and my two decades of freelance work as a writer, photographer, and graphic designer. 

As the owner of a small business, I understand the challenges a small business faces in this global internet-driven marketplace. 

Living in rural America, I understand and have a passion for serving small businesses in small towns and rural areas. They want to be able to compete globally, yet maintain their personal connections to each other and serve their customers well with a smile and a handshake.

Tradition, community, and connection to the land matter.

I get that. And that’s why I’m here.

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Websites Created by Sage Content Marketing

Michelle wanted a clean, simple website reflecting progressive thinking while respecting her clients’ traditional living in small and rural communities.

She also wanted assistance clarifying her thoughts and services in the copy of the website. I also designed the logo for her company.

This is my recipe blog that I publish under the name Kay Shannon (I don’t need weirdos showing up in my driveway).

My approach to recipe blogging is different than most: I put the recipe at the very top of the post for the reader’s convenience. Affiliate links are not on this blog. Instead, I’m creating products to sell directly through an upcoming online shop on this website to generate income. In the meantime, I’ve set up a PayPal button so supporters can send tips.

Bill wanted a simple website with neutral, masculine colors and lots of photos of the horses he trains and the people he teaches to ride.

We use video extensively to demonstrate his style of horse training and show what he teaches at his riding lessons and clinics on social media. He gets a lot of business through his Facebook page.

The good search engine optimization of his website ensures that RQ Horsemanship shows up when people search keywords and phrases such as “horse trainers near me” or “riding lessons in the Des Moines area.”

Integrity Freight & Logistics needed a site that is primarily used by carriers. We added a printable carrier packet to the site to simplify the process of carrying with Integrity Freight. We also added a link to Bulkloads’ website where carriers can find loads to haul.

We wanted the site to also reflect Integrity Freight’s commitment to excellence and their willingness to be an advocate for their drivers and customers and to show that the company is run by genuine people committed to providing outstanding service.

I teamed up with Tina Smith Graphics to redesign the website for the City of Brookfield, Missouri. This website contains 83 pages of information all about the city government of Brookfield, the town, and the surrounding area. 

We created a light, bright, colorful website with easy-to-navigate drop-down menus. Ease of use was foremost the design for this site.

I wrote the copy for the website, implemented the SEO, and helped with creating some of the pages and directories using the Tablepress, a plugin used to create tables in pages and posts in WordPress sites.

A Wix website works best for Paradigm Fitness and Wellness due to its extremely user-friendly interface making it easy for my client to manage her website herself.

We branded with the colors of sun and sky because my client believes that being outdoors contributes greatly to overall health and she trains her clients outdoors as much as possible.

Eventually, online session scheduling and payments will be added. Wix grows with a business well.

This is an exclusive event that supports the Greater Hulett Community Center and the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation. I got a call in December asking if I could get a new website done by February with secure online registration. We got it done. I used Jotform to create all the online registration packets for the event’s sponsors, hunters, landowners, guides, and even the site’s contact form. Now all the data can be collected in Jotform and exported to an Excel file with the click of a button. 

We are soon adding a link to the online auction so participants can click a button to join in the fun!

My client needed a site that, as a non-techie, she could manage herself.

Since she already used Square for collecting payments and setting appointments on her old custom-coded site, we created a Square website for her. Square websites are incredibly easy to manage and work seamlessly with her existing Square account.

Now she can manage her own website without hiring someone to do it for her!

Kevin created this website himself when he opened Skylabs in 2016.

Now, in 2022, he wanted an online store and a way draw more people to his website. We added a shop powered by WooCommerce, a blog called The Hi-Fi Fanatic featuring photos and info about the vintage stereo systems of his growing YouTube audience, and a huge showcase of vintage receivers, turntables, and speakers for site visitors to browse.

We also improved the site’s appearance and function, including using the Skinny theme which allows visitors to choose to view the site in  light or dark mode!

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Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved | website design and creation by Sage Content Marketing

Sage Content Marketing

Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved 

website design and creation by Sage Content Marketing