Learn where your people are
and go there.

I ask questions about who your ideal client is, and build a social media plan based on who and where they are.

Find the one or two platforms where your clients are, and focus there.

Most YouTube users are male (54%). Most Pinterest users are female (77%).

Women use social media primarily stay in touch with family and friends. Men use social media primarily to get information that gain them influence.

I dig into the data and find where your business belongs.

Then I put together a content plan for your platform that will best reach your people.

Social media allows a great connection with your clients. But it takes a LOT of time – time you could be using running your business. I’ll bring the customers in through social media leaving you free to take care of them.

Ready to create your business's social media plan?

Sage Content Marketing can help your small business without the big agency cost.